Neil Blender Science Book

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To start at the end
Or end at the start
Questions remains, is it the 
Art of science or science of art?

This skate sock collab is with our newest collaborator, the legendary Neil Blender!

About Neil Blender

Born into a family of creatives and inspired by the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Escher and Mad Magazine art from the 70’s, Neil Blender is the original skate deck artist. When Neil joined Gordon & Smith Skateboards in the early 80’s, team manager and fellow rider Steve Cathey suggested Neil do his own graphics. From there, his art began to take form with surreal imagery and iconic graphics like “Coffee Break.” When he’s not putting pen, brush, and acrylics to paper, Neil enjoys decorating junk mail, skating, skimboarding, BMX, and surfing his 10’0 Velzy.